Our Little Home


Tim and I love our little place. It’s comfy and cozy and has everything we need. (Except for lots of windows for natural light, which I’ve come to realize is an obsession of mine, but I think we’ll live). It took quite a while to get it really feeling like home, but we’ve made lots of progress! I think I’m the type of gal who will forever be decorating and making a homier home. It’s so enjoyable to me, and my style never stops evolving!  Here are a couple of snippets from around the apartment.





12141706_988465324560760_6037204373931046640_n 12122545_988465017894124_3735786611618990622_n

We are savoring the sweet and simple moments in our first apartment! Five months down as husband and wife, many more to go!


6 thoughts on “Our Little Home

  1. You place is adorable! My fiance and I are getting married this coming weekend, and we’re moving into a cozy place of our own. I hope I can make it as comfy and stylish as your pictures — I love what you’ve done with the place!


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