Tim’s 21st Birthday

Well, yesterday was my amazing husband’s birthday! We’ve had a weekend full of joy and celebration. For the next (almost) month, we will both be twenty-one… and then I turn twenty-two next month! It’s been a blast celebrating birthday after birthday, year after year, with Tim by my side. This year, however, was extra special, because it was the first time that I got to celebrate Tim’s birthday as his wife! I got to wake up next to him, tell him happy birthday, and make confetti pancakes for him yesterday morning!

On Friday, I invited some of our good friends, along with Tim’s family, to our place to help Tim feel extra loved. It was the perfect way to kick off his birthday weekend. There was an abundance of laughter. We have fantastic friends, and we really couldn’t be more thankful. Each person contributed to the “birthday note” jar I’d set aside by writing a short note to Tim. With the exception of the note from Tim’s little sister Mia that read, “Now watch Tim whip and watch him nae nae,” (ha!) all of the notes were so heartfelt described so well some of Tim’s best qualities. He’s a dreamer. He’s genuine. He’s inspiring. He doesn’t take people at face value. He loves and follows Christ. He pulls people in. These things haven’t gone unnoticed by our amazing friends.

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Saturday, the smiles continued as we wallowed in a giant mud pit for the 5th (6th?) year in a row at the Mud Run 5K. A great time was had by all, and hot showers were thoroughly enjoyed afterwards!


The fun didn’t stop there. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Big Orange, and then stopped by an amazing gourmet popsicle shop called Lepops! ‘Twas a scrumptious time.

10389655_993089824098310_4185423423035868504_n 12042878_993089840764975_2873626860157862209_n 12047008_993089854098307_1337788599718375830_n

Being the hardworking guy that he is, Tim was then off to film a wedding for the rest of his birthday eve. It was late when we finally got home, and we slept like rocks! I’m all for adventure and jam-packed days, just be sure to give me my eight hours of much-needed sleep afterwards. We woke up yesterday feeling refreshed and excited because it was finally Tim’s actual birthday! There were confetti pancakes followed by music (and dancing, as always) while we got ready to head out for church and the rest of the day’s festivities (it was Tim’s dream day: sleeping in, a yummy breakfast, worshipping Jesus, afternoon nap, working out, and then dinner with our families).

10351323_993467757393850_5065620282572411320_n 10592960_993467784060514_4468007884207036005_n

I love you, Timmy boy. I adore being your wife and you are solely responsible for a huge percentage of my daily smiles. Thank you for loving Christ, me, and others so incredibly well. Thanks for waking me up gently every morning, reminding me to take my vitamins, making sure I’ve got great music to listen to, introducing me to the world of film, serving the people around you without being asked, dancing with me in spontaneous moments, filling up my gas tank for me, and leading me towards Jesus every day. You’re the best. Thanks for being born.



6 thoughts on “Tim’s 21st Birthday

  1. Tim certainly had a 21st birthday to remember! He is a great guy! He endured the first time of being sung happy birthday by Nana and Papaw. 😀🎶😀

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