Fall Wardrobe Obsessions

These are the items in my closet that I own, and by golly, I wear them. All the time. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? No matter how much I have in my closet, there are always those staple pieces that life doesn’t seem to make any sense without. When I say “staple,” I don’t just mean basic, simple, or versatile. Rather, I mean, something that has that magical combination of comfort, style, uniqueness and versatility (take one of those four qualities away and it’s lost its power over me) that I find myself turning to it on as soon as it’s clean and available for wearing! These, I must confess, are the items that I take refuge in.


Snagged this comfy knit sweater (I jokingly call it my “hardcore sweater” because of the oh-so-edgy studs) at an adorable boutique that I used to work at. It’s oversized- as all good sweaters are- and no matter how put together I may appear to be while wearing it, I secretly know that I’m enjoying the comfort of the world’s best pajamas.


This boxy little thing has served me well as a dress/tunic ever since I purchased it at Urban Outfitters in Boston with my man this summer. One thing I love about Tim is that he knows my style even better than I do. I was torn between a few things, huffing and puffing in frustration, and was just about to leave the store without buying anything when he swooped in and saved the day, selling me on this precious checkered love of mine. He believed that I’d adore it and wear it, and he couldn’t have been more spot-on! It’s awesome all year long, and can be paired with just about anything you can think of.


I was a seriously happy camper when I found this Lauren Conrad sweater in all its hearts-and-glitter glory at a local resale shop for only $8! Yes. Pure exhilaration. These things do happen. I love to pair this sweater with some burnt orange skinny jeans and tan booties. Again, oh so comfy (really, that goes for everything in this post. There’s no part of me that enjoys being pinched or squeezed by a piece of clothing).

This wonderful thing is AHHHmazingly versatile. The color. The shape. The material. The style. It can be dressed up. It can be dressed down. It can be summer. It can be winter. Target, you- no joke- make life easier.

12193816_994500477290578_1329720127311534803_n12038047_994500497290576_3355690494139255179_nThis dress was an H&M find from a good two or three years back. I also have it in black. It is a beautiful and magnificent addition to my wardrobe, year round. It’s super fun to pair with maroon tights, booties (always coming back to those booties) and a drapey cardigan in the fall.

I make an effort to habitually clean out my closet, ridding it of things that don’t fit, are completely worn out, or that I never actually wear, and donate everything to either a) Savers or b) Tim’s little sisters. After my most recent clean-out, these are the pants that remained: bright blue, dark grey, and blue denim. I also have burnt orange ones that I wear pretty often, but they didn’t feel like being photographed for the occasion (aka life is hard and I’m behind on laundry, ok?). I like pants to be narrow through the leg and as high waisted as can be! One of the many reasons that I’ve long been referred to as a granny.


Making this post has made me realize that I’ve definitely shifted in a more neutral-colored direction recently. Who would have thunk it? I’ve always had such a thing for color everywhere: art, home, clothes. I guess now I just incorporate it differently than I used to. Thirteen year old me proudly proclaimed, “bring on the hot pink sequin purse (Cringe. 7th grade in a nutshell).” Now twenty-something year old me is like, “give me every lip color there ever was!”


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