Home Dreaming

I have gradually developed a full-on obsession with living spaces. Interior design is such a fun way to be expressive and creative, and I’d say that it’s absolutely worth the thought, energy and effort to create a space that you legitimately enjoy spending the majority of your hours in. Not to mention, the design of the space that you often find yourself in has a tendency to have an impact on other areas of life. A well-designed, clean space really does make for a clearer mind and a more productive day. (Take it from me. Messy home = no French homework getting done today.)

Here is a roundup of images that give glimpses into the types of homes that completely inspire me. I’ve collected them on Pinterest (such a glorious thing) over the years. I’d describe my style as a blend between vintage, rustic, and modern. Bring on all things bright, light, and airy. If someone offered me bits and pieces from each of these rooms, I wouldn’t say no…
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A few of my favorite spots to shop/admire: West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, IKEA, Target, H&M… The list is ever growing (and ever diverse: from super affordable to absolute splurge).


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