Beach Getaway

If you know me, you know that I will never, never turn away an opportunity to bury my feet in the sand and spend some time soaking in the wonder of the ocean.

The beach is my happy place, largely due to the big amounts of time I spent there with my family during my childhood. My father was a professional photographer the entire time I was growing up, and each summer, we would travel as a family to the beach (sometimes Florida, other times Alabama).


During the day, we played in the ocean, built sand castles, explored, rode bicycles, and ate too many Cheetos. In the evening, it was portrait time. We’d all make the trek away from our condo beach to a nearby public beach, where my dad would meet up with families to photograph them. It was a family affair; there were often crying children to be entertained, reflectors to be held, camera bags to be carried, and stray hairs to be tweaked. Around age twelve, I started to shoot alongside my dad during the sessions, photojournalist style. I suppose you could say that that experience solidified my love of photography.

Last week, we were able to escape to the beach together again, only this time, I got to bring a wonderful husband along, there were no sessions, and we spent the majority of our time simply relaxing and being. And it really was GREAT. Here are a few images from our week..

We arrived in the evening, with this as our view… so much yes.
Morning, sleepyhead!


“Don’t you dare make me get out!
Post- run snuggle.


Exploring Fort Morgan with the fam
Obligatory family photo at the shark mouth!


Lots of time for writing, which I loved.
Road tripping home.

It was a week totally lacking in structure, and I welcomed it with open arms! Feeling rejuvenated and ready for 2016! Happy New Year all!



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