The Style Transplant

Friends, do yourself a favor and go follow my sweet friend Georgie’s new fashion blog, The Style Transplant. She’s a good friend of mine (not to mention a fellow art student and neighbor), and we share a love for blogging and all things creative. For Georgie, that often plays out through her personal style, which I love! She’s classier than I can even wrap my mind around. I’m excited that we’re now doing this blogging thing together, and can’t wait for her future posts!

Here are some images of her that I took, iPhone style, on a spontaneous outing together last Friday.



Of course a pit stop at a new local coffee shop was a must. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’m always happy to hang out in a coffee shop and read/people watch/decompress.


Just in case your Monday morning is off to a rough start, here are a couple of images of me and my precious Gwenny girl. Gwen, you are so adored, it’s kind of ridiculous. You are impossibly cute and bring many smiles to my face (and Tim’s as well).



Happy Monday!



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