My Not-A-New-Years-Resolution

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I’ve never really been one to set New Years Resolutions, but I think I actually have one this year. Although, perhaps I won’t straight up call it a New Years Resolution, because it seems that anything by that name always seems to fail within a month or two! Nonetheless, here is my goal for the future, not limited to this year:

Create and embrace a calmer lifestyle. Form a routine and be consistent in it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a busy person. I don’t know life as anything but a busy person. It’s incredibly easy to let my schedule spin out of control, because I have a very real desire to say “yes” to everything. Friends. School. Work. Family. Projects. Working out. Events. Let me tell you, this is an infinitely long list. However, the busier I’ve allowed myself to become, the more I’ve realized that by saying “yes” to everything, I’m not truly saying “yes” to anything at all, because I am spread terribly thin in each area of my life (thank you Becoming Minimalist for aiding in this realization, and many others). This isn’t how I want to live. I want to strive to be a person of quality, rather than quantity. I want to develop my ability to say “no” to some things so that I can more fully say “yes” to others.


A huge part of making this change will be to form a routine, and really and truly stick to it (because often, the thing that’s really “out of control” is the unorganized hubbub that’s happening in my mind). I’ve already implemented this more or less and I am LOVING it. It’s much more freeing than it is constraining! No more, or at least far less, procrastination (which is the root of all things awful and terrible and scary). I’ve set aside certain times of the week/day for working out, blogging, schoolwork, and the other things that regularly fill my day.I love having a time and place set for all of the things that need to get done, because when free time finally does roll around, I get to enjoy it so much more, because I’m not worried in the back of my mind about things that need to be getting done.I’m also choosing to say “no” to some things, for the sake of free time, simplicity, and sanity.

Let’s be real. My life won’t always fit into this perfect little routine. My life is bound to have some crazy in it, because it has wonderful things like other people and art school and work in it. I know that. It’s okay. I’m going to roll with the crazies when they do come around. But I’m reaching, as far as I can, towards a simpler lifestyle, because I want to be able to truly say yes to the best things in life.

On that note… the blogging portion of my day is coming to an end (ha). Farewell, friends!





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