A Free Morning

This semester is a special one, the reason being that I have zero classes on Fridays, resulting in a three day weekend, every single week! Oh how glorious. I’ve been soaking it in and enjoying every second of it. On this particular Friday morning, I naturally woke up as Tim was leaving for work around 7 a.m., so I had the whole morning ahead of me! I adore mornings like that, when waking up early happens on its own…When its forced, its not nearly as good of an experience. I used the first part of the morning to lie around for a bit, which was really nice. I stayed in my pajamas and had Protein Cheerios for breakfast (simple and delicious on those mornings when even making eggs sounds like too much effort, ya feel me?).

After that, I headed to our apartment gym, which I happen to love, because it’s usually not very crowded, and it has lots of windows! I adore windows, because natural lighting in a room has a tendency to improve my outlook on life by 200%. Haha! I tried a new workout today that I found in this post on Amber Fillerup Clark’s blog, which I always love reading! One of the first things I tend to do when I start following a new blog is search “workout” in the search bar, just to see what comes up. When I found this on her blog, I decided to give it a go! It was awesome. Here’s the workout:

6 rounds

Run .5 miles

10 push ups

20 squats

30 sit ups

I did mason twists instead of sit ups, because I just think they are such a great ab workout, and I feel a rather fierce loyalty to them! Haha. The workout was really, really good; in the end I was sweaty and all the endorphins were released and doing their happy thing in full force. I finished it off with a quick set of ab moves on the ball, and then I was out the door, headed home sweet home, 7,000 steps later! (Thank you, Fitbit for turning me into a step-counting monster.)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Now here I am, back at the apartment, gearing up to get some serious cleaning and laundry done! Later today I’m going to go get groceries, go to an art dinner party, and then head to my parents’ house to watch my sweet baby sister so that they can go on a date! Life is good. Also, tomorrow morning, Tim and I are planning a workout extravaganza (possibly with some friends) that involves climbing Pinnacle mountain a couple of times. Hopefully I’ll remember to snap a picture or two, so stay tuned if you want to see a seriously sweaty Tim and Caylie! Oh, and here are a few pictures from recent adventures with Georgie (The Style Transplant).


Embarassing! But absolutely accurate Caylie happy face.

She is incredibly lovely, eh?

Can’t wait for her next post!

Me and my guy.





8 thoughts on “A Free Morning

  1. You are too kind for giving me a little shout out! You’re the best. Also I enjoyed reading this post and I even thought that work out didn’t sound to bad! I might have to give it a go. haha
    xo Georgie


    1. I feel your pain! Sometimes I slack, but then I remember that I always feel so much better on the days when I make it to the gym, even when I’m not in the mood. Glad I could give you some motivation! Thanks for reading, Kailani!


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