A Weekend To Remember

Hello, friends!

Apologies for my absence this past week. I have returned to the blogosphere with a smile on my face and lots of photos to share!

This past weekend, Tim and I- along with my brother Christian and our friend Morgan- made the trek to Fayetteville, AR to be a part of a surprise birthday celebration for one of our BEST friends, Scott. Scott is one of those rare forever-friends. He’s basically been there from the beginning, adventuring with us, climbing things with us, traveling with us, and we all have tons of awesome–and ridiculous–memories together. He’s definitely like family to us. Not to mention he was a killer best man in our wedding!

All this to say, we were super excited to surprise him for his birthday! His incredibly sweet girlfriend, along with a couple of other friends, planned the whole day and they did a fantastic job! The party kicked off at Chipotle, because why would it start anywhere else? Neither Tim or I are big Mexican food eaters, but we are big fans of the fresh and delicious goodness that is found at every Chipotle! After that, the whole crew (an amazing crew of people made up of dear friends from all different stages of life, might I add) proceeded to play laser-tag at a place that was more awesome than I knew possible! I’m naturally quite awful at all games that require shooting and hiding and such, but I had a super fun time nonetheless. From there, we drove about an hour out of Fayetteville and did a short hike to the most amazing spot with an absolutely breathtaking view. I shall speak no more of it: the photos will speak for themselves. We hung out there for quite a while, talking, laughing, and enjoying a campfire into the evening (complete with s’mores, yum!).





Oh, wow, that was a good time. I love when new friends meet old, especially when there is hiking and sunsets and s’mores involved. The next morning, before heading back home sweet home, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Little Bread Company (life changing) and a quick stop at Grey Dog boutique. A weekend for the books!

Happy birthday, Scott! We’re honored to have you as a friend and we loved getting to celebrate you this weekend! Keep being awesome.

Farewell, friends…

“If Mondays were shoes, they’d be crocs.”

Ha! But really, let’s make today a happy Monday, shall we?



*Oh and since we’re friends on here, let’s also be friends on Instagram (@cayliebarnett) and Snapchat (hey itscaylie).

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