Clean Eating Update: Day 3

Well, I’m on my third day of my new fruit-and-veggie filled way of eating! My diet has been extremely clean, and that makes me feel great (emotionally) because I love doing something that I know is so beneficial for my body.

However, I now wholeheartedly believe that processed food/sugar withdrawals are a real thing! I’ve always heard people talk about experiencing “withdrawal” symptoms when they begin to eat healthier/remove unhealthy things from their diet, and I always wrote it off as purely emotional or mental. But no. It can definitely be physical. My doubt has been replaced with acceptance. Despite my excitement and enthusiasm about this change, more than anything, I have been incredibly sleepy and foggy since cleaning up my food intake. This is not pleasant; I’m not used to feeling like I could lie down at 2pm and sleep all the way through the night, but that is precisely how I feel right now! (That could be amplified by the training my friend Kayla and I have been doing for power-walking in an upcoming half marathon. We did nine miles this morning!)  From what I’ve been reading about it, though, it seems that what I’m experiencing is very normal. I am hopeful that these “withdrawal” symptoms will subside in the next couple of days!

On to the happy things: what I have been eating! Every meal has been abounding in fruits and vegetables (more than I ever used to eat in the past). I LOVE having such a colorful plate in front of me at every meal. Bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, carrots, squash, zucchini, avocado, canteloupe, grapes, cuties… You name it, I’ve probably consumed it in the past three days!

I’ve also been enjoying chicken, tilapia, a bit of greek yogurt every once in a while… it’s been very doable! I’m looking forward to making sweet potato pancakes soon! One thing I’m really focusing on up front with this is eating plenty of the healthy things that I want to fill my body with, so that I don’t get hungry when I’m not expecting it and eat something that’s not good for me (although, because this change is long term, I’m also being realistic and accepting that I won’t always be able to eat 100% healthy in every situation).

I really regret not taking a photo of my lunch yesterday, because I have never seen a plate so full of vegetables and fruit, much less eaten all of it! I’m loving it. I’m also drinking LOTS of water; I always feel great when I do that. I’m honestly doing great with this, emotionally. I love this way of eating and it feels so great to know that I’m giving my body the nutrients that it’s often missed out on in the past!

Here’s a super simple sweet treat that I enjoyed yesterday: greek yogurt, with a bit of honey drizzled over it, and topped with blueberries and strawberries! Easy, easy, but it tasted like a dream come true.

That’s all, folks! This sleepy gal is going to catch some z’s.




32 thoughts on “Clean Eating Update: Day 3

  1. i love this post (as i eat a cookie at midnight!) i give my kids yogurt and honey every single morning for breakfast- i need to start that too! thanks for sharing!
    xo, tara

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  2. Thanks for reading my blog, keep up the good work with your clean eating, it’s good to see others signing up for the same challenge 🙂


  3. My family is into healthy eating; we still eat dairy and wheat, etc. and some sugar but try to stay away from processed foods / GMO foods as much as possible and cook a lot ourselves! We did do an experiment leaving wheat out of our diet though and I felt much lighter and energized. Some of the guys said they needed the heaviness of grain, though–so we’re back to wheat 🙂


  4. Hell yeah , you liked one article in my blog and here I am , I am going to follow you because I am trying to eat clean as well and blog about it go ahead girl !!


  5. I’m onto week three of my clean eating and sugar free living experience and I can with confidence that it gets better! At the beginning you have sugar withdrawal and then it just goes away. My nutritionist really advocates for cinnamon. It stabilizes your blood sugar level, so I would recommend adding that, just sprinkle some on your fruit or add to a smoothie or coffee. Good luck!


  6. That’s such great advice! Thanks! I’ll definitely try to incorporate some cinnamon into my day! And yes, I’m finally past the withdrawals and I’m feeling much better! Thanks for the support and congrats on being to week three of clean eating! 👍


  7. Hi! It is a great effort that you are making but remember to sleep well at night and ensure your food intake is high enough. If you are feeling sleepy at 2pm it means you are with lacking in sleep or not eating enough throughout the day. Veggies and high protein foods are great! Especially if you are training and increasing your exercise.
    Keep up the great work. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the advice! I was actually just sleepy throughout the day for the first day or two because I was having sugar/processed food withdrawals. I’m eating plenty of food every day. Now I’m more than awake all day, and I feel great!

      Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate the support!


  8. Amazing!! I added a “healthy habits” tab just to be encouraged to dig more on the veggie side of things..and yogurt.. Maybe I can get some tips from you. Thanks for stopping by btw! ( Frist guest woohoo!!)


  9. Great looking blog, excited to read more from you. The withdrawal part is so hard, I was a monster for about the first 4days. I also found I had a lot of fatigue the first few weeks and my friend is a nutritionist and said I was not eating enough complex carbs with working out as well as eating healthy. So I added a few in and that seemed to really help. Good luck!


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