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Hello friends! I’ve been seeing the “25 Facts About Me” tag all over the place, so I’ve decided to join in on the fun! Here are some uber-random facts about yours truly. Fascinating or not, you’ll certainly know me a bit better after reading this post!

  1. My middle name is Lane, which I love. Thanks, mom and dad! 
  2. I am right-handed. Extremely right handed. To the point where my left hand is practically useless.
  3. I hope to someday be really great at gift wrapping, cake decorating, and hair braiding. Tips welcome on these things- I’m starting from scratch here. (Hair braiding inspiration: Amber Fillerup Clark. Her blog is fantastic!)
  4. My favorite forms of exercise are running and any kind of group exercise class. I can’t run long distances like I used to because my knees don’t seem to want to allow it, but that’s alright! I run short distances when I can, and I’m power-walking an upcoming half marathon with my friend Kayla!
  5. My favorite cities are San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas.
  6. I’m horribly awful at: math, climbing over things (such as walls or fences- don’t ask), and using a potter’s wheel.
  7. I’m a third generation photographer. My grandparents and my dad were all professional portrait photographers, so I grew up with a camera always nearby.
  8. Growing up, my family spent a large chunk of time each summer at the beach- either in Florida or Alabama- while my dad did portrait sessions each evening. Those are some of my very favorite memories!
  9. I met my husband when I was fifteen and he was fourteen. The rest is history!
    My corsage from prom with Tim!

  10. My least favorite word is (cringe) cluster. If you ever, even jokingly, use that word against me… we are not friends!
  11. It’s just now hitting me that 25 is a really large amount of facts. Deep breath!
  12. My faith in Christ is what defines me, and brings me true joy, more than anything. Daily, I’m reminded of how seriously messed up and broken I am and how desperately I need Christ. I’m thankful to have wonderful friends and family in my life that encourage me and walk alongside me towards Christ! 
  13. I do not like soft drinks or coffee at all. Thanks again, mom and dad, for raising me drinking only milk and water!
  14. I would love to be a full-time blogger someday.
  15. I am an Art Education student and I totally love it. It’s absolutely the best major there is! I’m technically a senior, but I’ve still got one more year ahead of me (victory lap!) before I graduate.
  16. My husband is a talented videographer and the most informed film-lover I know. He’s turned me into a lover of movies! 
  17. A few shows that have taken up more of my time than I care to admit: Full House, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, and now Walking Dead.
  18. I feel emotions so deeply. We always joke that Tim is light blue (because of his calm and even-keeled personality) and I’m tie-dye (self explanatory). 
  19. However, never have I ever full on cried in a book or a movie. Single exception: the book Anne of Green Gables.
  20. love making a house into a home. Decorating has always been a love of mine, but it’s growing more and more every day. A few of my favorite places to shop for home stuff are West Elm, Target, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. However, some of the best things can be found at thrift shops!
  21. I’ve always had it in me, but I’ve now morphed into a full-blown minimalist. Tim, on the other hand, isn’t quite there yet. But I love him more than I love getting rid of things, so all is well.
  22. When I’m bored or hyper, I pick up my kitten (no matter how much she grows, she will always be my kitten) Gwen and we send Snapchats to people of us dancing to Taylor Swift songs. It’s just a thing we do. She thought of it. 
  23. I have awesome siblings. I’ve got an eighteen year old brother named Christian, a nine year old brother named Carson, and a two year old sister named Cati Beth! I’m twenty years older than my youngest sister, so I feel quite a mother to her, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  24. I’ve taught paint your own pottery classes and canvas painting classes. I currently teach furniture painting classes, and I’ll soon be able to teach art in schools!
  25. I’m such a summer girl. If it’s not going to be snowy, let’s just skip the freezing weather and go straight to the summertime! Wow! 25 facts was quite the ordeal. If you made it this far thank you! You certainly now know me better than you did before! Also, if you made it this far, you may as well give Soul Palette a follow, and even share a random fact or two about yourself- let’s be friends! Let’s also connect on Instagram. I’ve had so much fun making new friends in this blogging community! So many sweet, sweet people.

Thanks, friends!


P.S. A more thorough update coming soon, but just to let you know: I’m officially past the withdrawal symptoms and I’m full-on loving clean eating! I’m so excited to continue eating this way and learning new recipes. Thank you for the support on my last two posts!


25 thoughts on “Tag: 25 Facts About Me

    1. Great blog post! A few fun facts about me:
      I want to live abroad one day.
      I recently fell in love with the beach in Alabama even though I grew up in Southern California and spent a year in Miami.
      My husband and I want to have 7 kids.

      It was a pleasure reading these facts about you and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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