Maryville Recap

Tim and I are home sweet home after our trip to Maryville! (Don’t ask whether or not we’ve unpacked…) We had a wonderful time exploring, meeting new people, and soaking in the spring weather! I’ve always said that I’m a summer girl, but spring is slowly creeping its way up the list… its just such an exciting time! Things are blooming, days are getting longer… everything just seems more joyful and full of hope. Not to mention the exciting pieces of clothing that get to make their debut, like shorts, sundresses and sandals! Spring is good. Very good!

Anywho, here are some fun images from our trip!


Love him so dearly!

Had a fun time scoping out locations to shoot for Georgie’s fashion blog!


Glad we’re dating. (Married, but always dating.)


Sister friend, I love ya.


We did lots of shopping around! Tim was such a good sport. We were glad when he was able to find some stores that he liked too! He got some really awesome socks with glasses on them. (Socks are kind of Tim’s thing.)


We got to meet Georgie’s friends Hannah and Bryan. They were awesome!

Not necessarily “clean” but totally worth it! This Nutella strawberry crepe was heavenly!


He looks like he’s thinking something clever!

Too gorgeous. Gosh!


Obviously we are fans of this place! I snagged an awesome deal on a dress and Georgie got a super cute top. It’s a good thing we stopped there… I could have gone absolutely crazy in there. LOVE Urban Outfitters!


Shockingly handsome, if you ask me.

Georgie showed us the coffee shop in Maryville that she and her friends used to go to all the time in high school! It was super cute, and their tea was wonderful!


We went on a dreamy walk one afternoon; the weather couldn’t have been better. I was just so happy… I had to kiss someone!


Georgie and her Darby. Lots of love between these two!



Tim’s response to the super green grass: “Maybe we actually are on the other side!”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Sigh. Life is good, friends!



PS: Let’s connect on Instagram if we haven’t already! Xoxo


15 thoughts on “Maryville Recap

      1. WOW!!! You really look alike! Yeah, I didn’t know if you meant she was your sister or your friend, I have a couple friends who are like sisters and they are (in the Lord!), but then I thought she looked so much like you she must be your sister! That’s funny =D

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