Honesty Alert

 It’s the home stretch of the semester. My days have been filled with assignments, painting, weaving, and more assignments- not to mention gearing up to pack everything we own for a move coming up! Tim and I are moving next month and we are so excited! We will be closer to family, and both of us will be closer to work, which is huge (as of late, I’ve had a 45 minute drive to work! Not ideal). It will definitely be an exciting change. The happy ultimately outweighs the stress, but packing has to be done… and it shall… during school…somehow.

 I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks, which is largely due to the sheer volume of things that have been on my to-do list daily. Honestly though, its also been due to the fact that I’ve kind of been questioning myself. I’ve been absolutely loving the new friends and connections that I’ve made in the blogging world; I’ve especially been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I felt from so many about my clean eating change (an update on that coming soon!). But, the more I’ve connected, the more the thought has creeped into my anxious mind…I’m not like them. Or I’m not good enough.

I’m a mess a lot of the time.

I often go out of the house without makeup and I love it.

My home is often cluttered, and laundry often goes undone for longer than it should!

I don’t have the perfect home, or perfect kids to photograph in perfect clothes.

I don’t have a fantastic sponsor behind every post.

love the fashion, beauty and design scene, but it will never be one of the most important things in my life. As much as I love a polished lifestyle, I love an honest one so much more.

 I often feel hesitant in this blogging world because I don’t want to become vain in an effort to be like some of the people I see around me, or (as vain as I am) be perceived that way. Ultimately, I just desperately do not want to spend time and energy on something that could pull me away from a fulfilling, Christ-filled life, rather than towards it. The thing is, and the thing that Tim is so kind to remind me of, is that out of that desire can come something good. I don’t have to try to fit a mold, and God gave me my passions for art, people and writing for a reason! My hope and my prayer going forward with Soul Palette is that I can remain fixed on what is most important, be true to who I really am,  enjoy what I am doing, and ultimately point others towards the massive joy and hope that we have through Christ in this space. This blog is about documentation and having fun, but it’s also a wonderful connection to the rest of the world. Why waste that?






25 thoughts on “Honesty Alert

  1. Love this post and your sweet heart. It’s not the easiest thing to stay “real” as a blogger and I’ve failed in that area many times. Like you, I’ve wrestled with the purpose of my blog and the reason I write for the last month or so, and I’ve had to remind myself time and again that there’s no “right” way to go about being a blogger as long as you’re genuine and, in our case, honoring God in every endeavor.

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  2. Great post!! I feel the same way, I just want to blog about the things I love, about life, the things that inspire me and interest me. Everyone is doing the same thing already…the blogging world has become vain indeed, as long as we stay true to ourselves, then everything will be alright!!! Good luck with blogging and I will follow you :). XO – Jey. https://www.thursdayinaugust.com


  3. I don’t know everything about blogging either, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it right. My favorite bloggers are always those who aren’t afraid to be real and vulnerable. That’s so much more relatable and inspiring than the perfect, put together sites, in my opinion. 🙂


  4. Yes! I think the more we get around on the internet, the harder it is to maintain our individuality. I also think it’s very easy to think everyone else on the internet is perfect and wonderful and everything we’re not, which, of course, is not true!
    I think the most important thing is keeping up on our relationship with God, that way we will be what He wants us to be and will be individual and will be honest!
    I also think it’s very encouraging for other people when we are honest ourselves.
    Keep on being yourself 🙂


  5. It’s really tough to not believe you’re doing it right or that your life isn’t perfect, or you are missing something looking at some blogs out there. I know this is something I have struggled with and it honestly takes daily reminders sometimes that that is their life, not mine, and its okay that I don’t wear makeup everywhere, and am in gym clothes half the time, and don’t have sponsorships behind my posts. Its more than okay because it’s real.

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  6. I love this post! There’s no ‘right way’ to blog but as long as you’re enjoying it then that’s all that really matters. Good luck with everything 🙂


  7. The honesty of this gets me. “My home is often cluttered. I don’t have the perfect kids to photograph..” I love it! You really made something beautiful of life’s simple imperfections. This is really something special. I look forward to more!


  8. wow! you’ve had some amazing comments on here and I agree with all of them. Of course I am a little biased because you’ve been with me on my blogging journey too and we’ve been through everything together, but I honestly think you are great at it! (I come to you for advice all the time!) Plus, no one is perfect, even though they may seem that way on the web. Everyone has dirty laundry to do, or looks like homeless person from time to time haha. You need to remember that every single blogger out there has their faults and you are no less than them. Keep on blogging because you’re amazing! xo


  9. HOLY COW! I felt like I was reading something that I wrote myself. I understand how you feel – I feel very similar as my business requires me to be very active on Social Media. It’s hard to see “everyone else” and not feel a little inadequate from time-to-time – but the reason why you have the Likes, Comments, and Followers that you do on this blog is because you are beautifully you! You could use this as a sounding board to help others who may feel the same, and the blog has already done good for those following your journey as a source of inspiration! Keep doing what you are doing, get those blinders on, and move forward 🙂 You’ve got this!

    And thank you for the love over on my blog – I really appreciate it!


    1. Friend, thank you for taking the time to write such a kind comment. Those words mean so much to me! This post has been a nice reminder that I’m not the only way who feels this way sometimes. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your super encouraging words! You’re so appreciated!


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