Last Day In Our First Little Home

It’s been a while since I’ve slowed down. Yesterday, I officially completed my “senior year” of college. I’m so glad that it’s over that I don’t even mind the fact that I still have a fifth year, a victory lap, ahead of me! I really am thankful for my education, and I love my major (art education),  even when I feel overwhelmed by the demands of it.

Today, I finish packing up our first little apartment, and tomorrow we move to Little Rock. Not a huge move, but at the same time, a significant one. I’m not gonna lie…my heart kind of wants to break as I think about leaving this place behind. It’s been our little oasis throughout our first year of marriage. It was here that we learned what it is to fully share life with another person.


I will always treasure the memories that we’ve made here… Deep conversations, major dancing sessions, watching our favorite shows snuggled on the couch together, being good to each other (by the grace of God) when we are at our least lovable, enjoying a great friendship with our neighbors Georgie and Kade, getting and caring for our sweet kitty Gwen, hosting friends and throwing parties, learning to bake and cook, crying occasionally and laughing often, and never having much money but being perfectly content with the fact that our bills are being paid and we have food in our mouths and each other to hug.


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I’m sad to let this place go, but at the same time, I’m at peace and just thankful for our wonderful time here. I’m excited to continue walking through life with Tim by my side- my encourager, “snuggle nugget” (ha!), and best friend. Thank you Jesus for our marriage, our health, our memories, and our future!

Tim, the print on our wall has never rung more true: home is wherever I’m with you!



P.S. Thank you for sweet and encouraging comments. I am loving this whole becoming-friends-with-people-all-over-the-world thing!



26 thoughts on “Last Day In Our First Little Home

  1. Lovely thoughts – best of luck to you in your move and nesting into your new home! My hubby and I weren’t quite so fond of our first home together – a 400 square-foot apartment. We were very glad to be leaving and finding some more space, especially with a dog and a baby! Haha. 🙂


  2. So sweet! My husband and I just moved out of our “first home” 2 weeks ago! (not our first place together, but the first house we owned together). We built it and moved in 2 1/2 years ago so it was bitter sweet leaving it behind!


  3. i only just stumbled across your blog and this was the first post of yours that i read…but it was really heart warming. you seem like a lovely person, i wish you and your husband all the best 🙂 x


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