A Season of Insanity

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Hello friends! To say that these last few weeks have been craziness would be a massive understatement. I must admit, though, I greatly regret not blogging my way through it all! There is never a season that I want to stop documenting what’s going on.

Tim and I moved out of our old apartment (that part was craziness on its own) and then we embarked on over two weeks of “homelessness” (aka, living with family) before we could move into our new apartment. That was a weird time, but it was great in a strange way, too. I loved the family time, and just having to but all moving worries on hold for a bit. In the hustle bustle of the move, I mindlonly packed a solid…three?… outfits to wear during that time, so I was pretty excited get all of our stuff out of Tim’s parents’ garage and into our new place, and to be reunited with the rest of my clothes at the end of our homelessness!

We are now in our new place and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Change is just so much fun to us. Making it into our home is quite the process. We have most things arranged the way we want it, organized, etc., but we plan on painting (hooray for being allowed!), so nothing is on the walls yet. (As for our sweet kitty Gwen, she’s been staying with Tim’s parents, enjoying her huge social life with their other cats! We’ve been letting her stay there until we reached a more settled point. I think its about time for her to come home!) We’re loving the convenience of our location. We’re right by the interstate and can get pretty much anywhere in Little Rock within ten minutes or less, which is nice.

Excited to see what this new phase of life holds (and excited to blog about it- no more long silences). Here are some photos of recent happenings! I’ll be back soon, friends.

^^This was after Christian’s “senior walk” at school. He’s graduating high school tonight! Hard to wrap my mind around that. I love this guy so much. He’s so fun, intelligent, and wise. So excited for what’s ahead!

^^My cute sis. Just a bit obsessed with her. This is her “funny face!”

^^Hanging out with sweet friends after an impromptu visit from the ice cream truck!

^^My husband, whose goofiness I love with all I have in me!

^^Yes, this happened! Nothing too drastic, but just needed some change. I’ll be showing ya.

^^Spent my day with this gal yesterday. What a friend!



P.S. Let’s connect on Instagram! Making new friends is my favorite thing.


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