Because Nesting Must Involve Plants

The other day, a super sweet gal by the name of Addy came along with me and helped me choose some plants for the new place. This is only the beginning, let me tell you, because I love plants so very much!

Addy is such a joy to be around. I have known her from church since she was eight or nine, and I was sixteen or seventeen. Even when she was so  young, I was always blown away by her maturity, intelligence, and sense of humor. Now, years later, I have the joy of spending time with her on a weekly basis and when Tim and I help lead youth group! What a gal. For a few weeks now, we’d been talking about how we needed to get together, pick out some plants for our new place, and make some art for it too. Well, we finally got the chance and we did just that!

A day very well spent if you ask me. Quality time with the coolest girl, and one step closer to making our apartment our own (I’ve officially realized… with us, it is a slow process. And thats okay).

Keep an eye out for my next post! I’m collaborating with the most amazing brand and can’t wait to tell you all about it!




9 thoughts on “Because Nesting Must Involve Plants

  1. That’s great that you had a good time!
    I think it’s really important and meaningful when ladies spend time with girls younger than them. And it can be really fun for both!
    That’s something I always try to keep in mind–to not just spend time with a specific age group πŸ™‚

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