Currently Loving: Albion Fit

Okay, guys… if you haven’t checked out Albion Fit, I encourage you to do yourself a favor and do so ASAP. I am loving this darling suit from them! This company makes the most beautiful, well-made, and ultra-flattering fitness, leisure, and swimwear! I’m truly obsessed… like, if I was told right now that I had to fill my closet with nothing but Albion Fit, you wouldn’t find me complaining.

Great news! You can get 15% off your purchase with my discount code CAYLIEB at the time of checkout on Albion Fit’s website. So, by all means, go find yourself something pretty!

 Georgie and I are both loving our new (and coincidentally, matching) swimsuits from them and can’t wait to wear them all through the summer! Memorial Day felt like the perfect day to kick things off and spend some time outside in them (despite a few sprinkles)! I love this friend.



Instagram: @cayliebarnett

P.S. This is my friend Tori, who sweetly volunteered to take these fun photos of me and Georgie! That smiling face spreads joy everywhere it goes.


24 thoughts on “Currently Loving: Albion Fit

  1. oh my! that’s one of the cutest suits i’ve ever seen. the high waist bottoms and the mixed prints. just perfect!


  2. Would you mind sharing what size you’re wearing?? I want to order, but I’m between sizes! 🙂 it looks great on you!


  3. CAYLIE!! I have pinned about 17 different suits thanks to this post! They all look so cute and I have been on the hunt for a cute, flattering, modest suit that isn’t going to take me for all I’m worth! lol. I think I’m going to be able to find one here!!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. This suit was literally made for you!! You look so gorgeous and summery! The more I’ve come to know you, the more I understand why you love summer so much. You are summer in human form! Haha Awesome post friend.
    Georgie xo


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