We Made It!

Today Tim and I made the trek to the beach with his brother Josh, and Josh’s sweet girlfriend Claire. We are SO thankful and excited for a few days of nothing but hanging out at the beach, relaxing (with a few much-needed gym trips sprinkled in there), and having zero schedule to follow. Praise the Lord for rest!We spent about nine hours in the car today… Tim drove seven of them! Bless his soul. That sweet man. Most of our hours in the car were spent listening to Snap Judgement (it’s my favorite NPR radio show! Look it up if you’ve never experienced it’s wonder). There were also a few rounds of Would You Rather, which is always pretty hilarious.

Question of the day: would you rather tear up every time you introduce yourself to someone, or giggle every time someone introduced themselves to you? Think on it.


Car time. 
Excuse the poor quality iPhone photo, but this moment was too precious not to capture.

When we arrived at our condo, the guys headed out to get groceries while Claire and I stayed in and got unpacked and settled. Random fact about me: I love unpacking and making a rental place feel like home while on a trip! Tim always laughs at my ridiculous enthusiasm about it, and I can’t even blame him because it’s pretty over-the-top! Settling in and making a clean/organized environment really helps me relax.


How I feel about the beachy goodness ahead of us. All smiles over here.

Loving the lack of agenda and this happy group of people. Time for a bit of rest. Goodnight, blogosphere!




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