Pensacola Day 1

Our first day at the beach was perfection, basically. No agenda, no to-do list, just taking time to relax and enjoy each other. We started the day off with a quick trip to the gym, which felt really great. I ran at a steady pace on the treadmill for a while, which was refreshing, not only because I’ve been out of my workout groove as of late, but also because I’ve only been doing intervals lately. I finished the workout off with a quick and simple upper body routine. A change is always nice!

After that, we all changed into our swimsuits and made a beeline for the ocean, where we spent a solid four hours of heavenly goodness (excuse the lack of photos from the actual beach- I was a bit paranoid about taking my camera out because everything- including ourselves- was incredibly wet and sandy, but I’ll be getting some beach pics very soon!). Our time at the beach was a constant back-and-forth between reading on the shore and floating around in the water. This is what dreams are made of! (If you know me, you know my roots are deep when it comes to the beach, and it will forever hold a crazy special place in my heart!)

After the beach, we all felt amazing and sun-kissed and tired as we showered (and discovered disturbing sunburn lines despite our valiant sunscreen application!) and then headed out for dinner at The Oyster Bar. We hung out on a beautiful dock while we waited for a table, and then enjoyed some delicious seafood! There was lots of conspicuous laughter around our table last night. Not apologizing!

We finished our night off with a movie night. Has anyone ever seen Another Earth? Its a really well-made indie film with a super fascinating premise… I don’t want to ruin it for you. Go watch it for yourself! After the movie, we all got a long night of sleep, although Claire and I both agreed that we were woken up by the pain of sunburn each time we rolled over. Ha! It’s fine.

Thankful for this time and loving every second of it. Have a happy weekend!




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