The Week of Sandy Bathroom Floors

Honestly, you know you’re having a good week when your biggest issue is sand on the bathroom floors. We had the most fantastic time at the beach, so I decided to just dedicate a post to a large handful of the photos that were taken on this trip. What a wonderful time. Enjoy, friends!

I’m off to clean around the apartment while some precious wedding images finish uploading (can’t wait to send them to the  newlyweds!), meet someone to sell them my toaster oven (because less counterspace calls for a purging of kitchen items), work out, hopefully squeeze in some pool time, paint a bookshelf, and then make dinner and enjoy a night in with Timbo! What a good day I have ahead of me!


Poor Claire had a sick day.

Not actually sure if she could be any cuter.

My sweet babe.

Our little crew!

We decided to dedicate a night to taking some special beach pictures!

Love the two photos above. Just now noticed that they are super similar! Ha!

So much life and joy in their sweet relationship!

Love him forever! As I’ve stated on Instagram recently, Tim really does deal with my sass so gracefully!

Because Tim and I are creeps and took this picture of Josh and Claire after Josh gave her a promise ring. Very special! To read her thoughts about it and about Josh and boys in general, check out her sweet blog post here.

Our last morning in the condo. We weren’t ready to leave! But, as my parents always said growing up… No matter how far you roam, there’s no place like home! That is true. I adore travel and I love adventure, but home is not to be underrated!





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