Married, But Still Dating

Last night, Tim and I had an unexpected free night! Always love those. We decided to seize the moment and go on a quick date night to one of our long, long time favorite restaurants, Zaza’s. Our sweet friend Morgan actually recently surprised us with gift cards there, so this night didn’t cost a penny- thanks, Morgan! After that, we ended up switching our movie theater plans for a Bates Motel watch party at home, because we are way too invested in that show as of late!

Before Tim and I were married, we would casually say, “Glad we’re dating!” to each other all the time, basically as a replacement for those moments when one might say “love you!” or “see ya!” or “have a good day!” (although those things still get said often). I don’t know what started us saying that, but it quickly became a regular part of life and it made me smile and giggle every time it happened. When we were engaged, the greeting switched to “glad we’re engaged!”and now that we’re married, we’ve found ourselves saying “glad we’re married!” often, but also frequently throwing in an ole “glad we’re dating!”.

I love this, because who said that just because we’re married, we aren’t still on a mission to know each other better, enjoy each other, and encourage each other (aka, dating)? A married couple, but still a dating couple, occasionally “date-nighting” when we can!

Alright, friends, I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo


P.S. Things got seriously goofy in the car last night on the way home from Zaza’s and thankfully it was captured on Snapchat (my username is heyitscaylie). Watch/follow if you dare. Also, HOORAY for Snapchat’s new feature, Memories, allowing you to save your snaps on the app so that you can look back on them in the future! I’ve always wished for that!


10 thoughts on “Married, But Still Dating

  1. Love love love your blog! Thanks so much for liking my first ever post I literally just screamed at my Fiance while he was having a pee “someone liked my post!!” lol so thank you for the huge confidence boost (I didn’t think anyone would even read it!)


  2. I like your “glad we’re married” idea. I’ll start saying it in the morning. My wife and I have been married 45yrs. In that time occasionally I’ve not been glad. Remembering the traditional vow in the 70’s “love, honor — till death” I know that kind of love can’t be based on a promise of always good feelings, so to be true to myself and not lie about my sour attitude, I told my wife “I still love you, I just don’t like you much right now.” She giggled and said “Me too.” That helped us repair and get back to the feeling.


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