Things That Have Made Me Smile In The Last Week

Working out has brought many smiles to my face over the last week. I’ve had more spare time than anticipated, which I’m actually incredibly thankful for, because it has given me more time to work on the apartment (making a space feel like home is a long process for me), work out, and do summertime things like hang out at the pool with friends. Always so thankful for time to do those things. Recently, Tim and I have been going to the Insanity class at the gym (it’s maximum intensity interval training) and it’s been kicking my booty! I can already see and feel results from it after a short time, which is exciting!Fresh, clean meals have made me smile. They always do. However, with more spare time comes more social outings, and with more social outings comes the occasional not-so-clean eating. But you know what? That is okay. I’m aiming for long-term balance. Not perfection! But the thing that keeps me on the clean-eating bus is the obvious and radical difference that I feel in my body and mind when I am eating that way! It truly is a better way to live, so I want to hold onto it long term.A gym trip with these two (Tim’s brother Josh and his girlfriend Claire) was a good time. It was like our beach trip (or at least our morning gym sessions on the beach trip) all over again!This moment made me smile because I’m married to a wonderful and strong goofball.#NationalIceCreamDay is today, on the day that my body decides to be sick. Coincidence? I think not. Sherbet is so yummy and soothing. The perfect treat!




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